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We have developed a system at Opus provisions to offer you, your guests and crew the peace of mind that everything possible has been done in the treating and handling of your delivery to prevent the risk of COVID -19 entering your vessel via your provisions.


Working with Anderson Caledonia Laboratries we are able to swab your fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and deliver the full laboratory reports for Covid-19 testing at your vessel on delivery.


Our lorries and the containers which your provisions are placed are thoroughly disinfected with food-safe products and once your provisions are loaded in our lorry a tamper-proof seal is placed on the door with a unique engraved reference number that you can check on arrival at your vessel.


We are happy to photograph and video the entire process to help you see the measure we will go through to ensure the safest possible delivery.



Meat and fish are only sourced from smaller fishing boats and farms in line with our goals to deliver quality produce. This makes traceability easy with very few people coming into contact with your product.


The butcher that will handle the meat and fish will be COVID tested on the day they prep all your fresh ordered provisions and the products will then be swabbed and sent to the laboratory for further tests. All fresh fruit and vegetables will also be swabbed


Your meat and fish will then be sealed in sterile vacuum bags and placed in disinfected containers along with your fruit and vegetables. Any pre-packaged items such as crew snacks and dry stores items will also be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down before being loaded into our sanitised lorry and sealed for delivery.


While your provisions are being shipped the laboratory will process all the swabs and you will receive a full report from them by the arrival on the COVID testing they perform.




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