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Buckwheat Praline

Buckwheat praline is delicious twist on classic nut pralines. Ideal for Bonbon's or as pictured. Our amazing custard and buckwheat praline cruffins. Please contact us if you would like more info on these bad boys.

Buckwheat Praline

65g water

300g caster sugar

½ vanilla bean

300g buckwheat



Roast buckwheat in the oven until golden

Cook the water and sugar to 119c

Add the roasted buckwheat and stir until mixture begins to sand

Continue cooking until the sugar caramelizes evenly around the buckwheat.

Mix well. Pour the mixture on to a silpat and roughly separate buckwheat (for a faster cooling)

Once cooled. Place the buckwheat mixture into a robot coupe or grinder and process until the mixture turns into a paste (or leave grainy if desired).

While blending add just enough neutral flavored oil to allow mixture to blend (no oil naturally in buckwheat like nuts).

Store at 17c – 60% humidity

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